Realistic Digital Doubles

Immerse your audience in lifelike experiences with our meticulously crafted digital doubles. Whether for Film, Series, or Video Game productions, our team elevates your project to new heights.

Cloud-Powered Excellence

Experience seamless project execution with our 100% cloud-based workflow. Secure, agile, and tailored to your needs, we prioritize privacy and data integrity.

CGI Mastery at Your Service

Entrust your vision to a team with a proven CGI track record, having contributed to major productions for Netflix, Amazon and HBO.

Your project, Our Priority

Your deadlines and quality expectations are our top priorities. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results that make you say, «we would love to work with your company again«.

Digital Outfits for Digital Twins

Step into any era or style with our bespoke digital clothing solutions. Elevate your productions with captivating and authentic wardrobe choices.

Digital Outfits

At Artefaktos 3D Studios, we specialize in creating high-quality digital outfits using cutting-edge technologies. Our expertly tailored, realistic garments bring any digital character to life. Explore our innovative solutions!

For VFX or RT

We craft exceptional digital outfits for VFX and video games. Leveraging advanced technology, our realistic garments enhance any digital character, delivering bespoke solutions for the entertainment industry.

Ready to rigging

At Artefaktos 3D Studios, we design digital outfits that are 100% riggable for VFX and video games. Our advanced craftsmanship ensures each garment is ready for seamless integration and in any digital environment.

Props and Accessories for Immersive Worlds.

From CGI vehicles to character props, our skilled team crafts every detail to enhance the visual richness of your film or video game.

Interested in our digital outfit solutions?

We’d love to hear from you! Contact Artefaktos 3D Studios today to discuss how our custom, riggable garments can bring your VFX and video game characters to life.

Reach out to us, and let’s create something amazing together!