Digital Props Showcase: Elevate Your Production's Realism

Welcome to the Props section of Artefaktos 3D Studios, where every detail counts. Discover our exclusive collection of digital accessories designed to enrich your film, series, and video game productions.

Why Choose Our Props?

  • Studio Quality: Each prop is designed with cinematic precision, ensuring seamless integration into high-definition environments.
  • Total Customization: We tailor our props to the specific needs of your project, adjusting size, color, and texture to your requirements.
  • Ready for Animation: All our props are fully riggable and optimized for animation, ensuring smooth integration with characters and settings.

1899 - Props

  • Props used in 1899 – S1
  • Netflix Studios.

Warrior Nun - Props

  • Props used in Warrior Nun – S1
  • Netflix Studios.

Birdbox Barcelona

  • Bus used in Birdbox Barcelona
  • Netflix Studios.

CGI Objects

  • Mezcal ‘Vámonos Riendo’

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