Proven Excellence in Digital Double Creation

Our CGI experts bring years of experience in crafting digital doubles for streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon, and HBO.

Our portfolio includes projects such as:

Streaming Series

  • 1899 S1 / Netflix Studios.
  • Warrior Nun S2 / Netflix Studios.
  • Romancero / Amazon Studios.
  • Winning Time S2 / HBO Studios.


  • Knights of the Zodiac / Sony Pictures.
  • Birdbox / Netflix Studios.
  • Fenomenas / Netflix Studios.
  • Christmas in your hands / Free Your Mind.

Unleash the Power of CGI

From photogrammetry to reference-based creations, our 3D operators specialize in crafting CGI characters for films, series, video games, and VR applications.

CGI Fashion in our Hands

Within this scope of work, we generate all types of clothing to dress these CGI Characters, both for Rigging and for fabric simulation, covering a wide workflow in its different aspects.

Metahuman Friendly

Transform any 3D character into an EPIC Metahuman, ready for action in Unreal Engine 5. Our characters are rigged and optimized for a seamless integration into the Unreal Engine.

EPIC Metahumans

Our Team make Metahuman identyties from photogrammetry assets.

High Skin Details

We make high detailed skin details in our Digital Twins.

Custom Skin Details

We customize skin textures for all types of characters.

Custom Grooming

Our team makes all types of custom groom for your 3D Characters.

Rigging Solutions

Experience the freedom of full character rigging for motion capture and animation across various software platforms, including Blender, Maya, 3DS Max, Houdini, and iClone.

Metahuman Full Rigged

All our  3D Characters are rigged and tested to work perfectly with EPIC Metahuman Rigging Solution, and ready to retargetting to a basic EPIC Skeleton too.

Facial Rigging Expertise.

Our facial rigging solutions are compatible with leading headsets, such as Rokoko, Faceware, Optitrack, and Vicon, ensuring expressive and realistic character animations.