Our Experience in Digital Clothing

Welcome to Artefaktos 3D Studios, where we revolutionize digital clothing design for VFX and video games through innovation and creativity. Our experienced team excels in crafting realistic digital garments using cutting-edge technologies like photogrammetry to capture fabric textures accurately. This technique has fostered collaborations with prominent figures in the digital fashion industry.

We continuously update our methods with the latest trends and technologies, keeping our clients ahead in a competitive market. Whether it’s designing intricate video game armor or creating digital costumes for films, Artefaktos 3D Studios has the expertise and technology to bring your visions to life.

Your vision is our project, and together, we can create something truly exceptional.

From Photogrammetry

From photogrammetry to reference-based creations, our 3D operators specialize in crafting CGI characters for films, series, video games, and VR applications.

CGI Fashion in our hands

Within this scope, we generate all types of clothing to dress these CGI Characters, for Rigging and for fabric simulation, covering a wide workflow in its different aspects.

Cloth for Metahumans

Transform any 3D character into an EPIC Metahuman, ready for action in Unreal Engine 5. Our characters are rigged and optimized for a seamless integration into the Unreal Engine.

Digital Clothing for Retail

At Artefaktos 3D Studios, we excel in delivering bespoke digital clothing solutions for a wide range of business sectors and retail applications.

Our experienced team leverages cutting-edge technology to create detailed, high-quality digital garments, ensuring that every piece meets the specific needs of your project.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the visual presentation of your corporate brand or innovate within the retail space, our tailor-made digital outfits offer a compelling way to engage and captivate your audience.

Partner with us to redefine the possibilities of digital fashion and set new industry standards.